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Good afternoon,

We are within two weeks of finishing term for what has been a brilliant and dynamic Autumn Term. 

I mentioned in my last message to you about the importance of attendance. At Alsager School our attendance has historically been amongst the highest nationally.  We need your support to get back to that position. 

I’ve included a table below which accounts for 5 subject sessions and powerfully illustrates the gaps that occur in learning and confidence and progress for various levels of absence. At an academic level, the reality of the power of excellent attendance is stark.  If, last year, all Year 11 students had attended between 95-100% every student, in every subject would have outperformed expectation by more than half a grade at Alsager School. The message is simple – excellent attendance equals excellent outcomes at an individual level. We know that occasional unavoidable illnesses do occur, but 97% should be the target attendance rate for all students.

Every bit of support that you can offer in ensuring superb attendance of your children is hugely appreciated.

Attendance during one school yearEquals days of absenceWhich is approximately weeks absentWhich means this number of lessons missedAbsence over 5 years
95%9 days2 weeks50 lessons¼ year
90%19 days4 weeks100 lessons½ year
80%38 days8 weeks200 lessons1 year
70%59 days12 weeks300 lessons1 1/5 years
60%80 days16 weeks400 lessons2 years
50%100 days20 weeks500 lessons2 1/5 years

In the last week of term, we will be holding daily draws for all pupils who are in attendance.  Our trust has also donated £20 Amazon vouchers. 

If you are experiencing difficulties in getting your child to attend on a daily basis, please get in touch and we can work together.

As always, thank you for your continued support and whatever your plans, have a lovely weekend.

“If presence doesn’t work, neither will your word.” (Harbhajan Singh Yogi)

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