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*NEW* GCSE Grading System: Please download the pdf document below for further information.


The report is made up of projected grades, using the new GCSE grading system 9-1 (9 is the
highest grade; 1 is the lowest). A projected grade is the grade we would anticipate your child to
achieve in his/her final examinations, if s/he continues to work in the same way. Students in
Y7-9 will not be covering work from the GCSE syllabus and a projected grade is made for
students at this stage of their education.

We have set challenging targets for all of our students to enable them to reach their full potential.
Students who are meeting their target(s) will be making “good” progress. Students who are
exceeding their target(s) will be making “excellent” progress, students who are one grade below
meeting their target grade will be making “near” progress and students who are not meeting their
target(s) will be in the “below expected progress” band. Additional measures will be put in place
to support students who are below target.

We also include BFL scores, homework assessments and attendance to show a clear picture of
progress being made, work ethic and attitude to learning across school.

Students have progress trackers for every subject, enabling them to review their progress on a
regular basis and implement next steps. You can access these in your child’s exercise books or
folders and discuss with your child what his/her targets are so that s/he can make further

If there is anything you are unsure of, or if you would like further information regarding
supporting your child, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Head of College. If you have
a specific subject related question, please contact your child’s teacher as appropriate.