SPIRIT Enrichment

At Alsager School we pride ourselves on the opportunities we provide pupils with to support their academic studies. 

We aim to give ALL pupils a broad and wide experience of school life.  The purpose of SPIRIT Enrichment is to enable students to engage with skills, ideas and activities which they can see has an immediate link with the world outside of school as well as in. The SPIRIT ethos is the heart of our school and is focussed around a main set of values.

It is this set of values that Alsager School promotes, recognises and follows in all areas of school life.

The SPIRIT Enrichment programme is used throughout the year, through the extensive range of extra-curricular activities, Year 7 SPIRIT development days, the variety of enrichment trips we offer and through focus afternoons and of course the MAIN SPIRIT WEEK.

Main SPIRIT week is Alsager School’s unique selling point that pupils won’t find in any other secondary school. The week enables all pupils to engage with a wider range of skills and activities that enable them to facilitate new interests, friendships and skills, whilst having a great amount of fun.