Alsager School

LRC: World Book Day


We enjoyed a busy time with World Book Day celebrations. WBD vouchers were issued to students and could be used in the LRC to exchange for a free book or as a £1 discount off a book from a local bookshop.

WBD saw staff dressing up as various book characters with the students trying to guess their costumes. Mrs Cleaver came as Mrs Banks from Mary Poppins, very topical as recently had the 100 year anniversary of women being given the vote in 1918.

Form groups took part in two quizzes, one to guess the teacher hidden behind a book, and a second to test their book and film knowledge.

Activities in the MFL department have been based on Le Petit Prince (Anton de St Exupery) Adivina Adivinanza (a riddle) by Tomás de Iriarte and Aschenputtel (Brothers Grimm) amongst others. Activities included story writing and in Y12 students looked at the origins of WBD and how it is celebrated in Spain – where interestingly it originated!

Thank you to all the donated second hand books, they will be taken to a charity bookshop.