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Positive Parental Viewpoint

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the incredible support and positive impact that your staff have had on our daughter’s school experience. She is keen to come to school, is engaging in clubs at lunch time and after school and now mixing with kind children, who she can be herself with. Additionally, I wanted to commend the efforts of the Alsager School LRC Facebook page. The inclusive and engaging content shared on this platform has been really good to see, in fostering a sense of community. We look forward to seeing what comes up next! (Year 9 Parent, October 2023)

We are so grateful and appreciative of all that your teachers and colleagues have said, done and listened to our children throughout their time at Alsager School, which has undoubtedly helped them build the knowledge, confidence, curiosity, and commitment they have. With your help and support they have grown and flourished, what more could we ask as parents! (Year 13 parent, September 2022)

We feel grateful to Alsager School for giving our children the opportunity to receive quality education since moving to this country. Your recognition and encouragement have meant a lot to them as they could gradually regain their confidence in learning, make some good friends and start to contribute to all aspects of their school life. (Year 8 parent, July 2022)


October 2020:

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for the way you have handled the Covid 19 restrictions and the issues these have led to.” 

“It must be very challenging and greatly increased your workload. However, you and your staff have dealt with it admirably. I appreciate your regular communication and the planning that staff have done to set work when children have to work from home at short notice.”

“The school response has been brilliant. Not an easy time I am sure but from a parent point of view we are really grateful for all you are doing!”

“I just wanted to thank the school for being so supportive…..and the reassurance and information provided was really appreciated.”

“Thank you sincerely for all that you and your dedicated staff are doing in these challenging times. We all really appreciate it.”

“I also need to pass my absolute appreciation for the teaching staff at Alsager. They are doing a fantastic job during this very stressful time. I hope they’re well-being is of high priority.” 

“Thank you so much for all the information surrounding COVID-19.  Many thanks again for the support in keeping staff and pupils safe.”

“Thank you for your letter explaining the steps that the pupils must now take and when they return to school. I completely agree and understand why these measures need to be taken.”

I just wanted to say how brilliant the school has been throughout these last few months. I feel as though we are going into the summer break having done as much as we possibly could to put us in a good position for September. The school has helped with structure, support and feedback throughout, nothing has been too much trouble. I also feel as though my daughter has progressed rather than just ticking over.
I honestly do not think you could have done any more than you have. Thank you to everyone involved, I hope you enjoy a well-deserved break. 

(Year 7 parent, July 2020)

We are really impressed by the way Alsager School has handled this current situation. It has been clear, measured and reassuring at all stages. 

Work, although difficult with huge volumes at the start has been accessible and well communicated and I feel relevant in all subjects. It has felt like learning has continued rather than just filling time. We are finding our child is very engaged but not too keen to share their work with school as he doesn’t wish to appear on the website!! (I guess it’s not cool). Stars from Afar has been a lovely idea too, so many thanks for continuing this encouragement. 

Starting high school was a huge worry in September, but year 7, although disrupted, has been fantastic. Huge thanks to you and all of the staff for working so hard all year and particularly at this time. A time where teachers are being painted as lazy by the media – it is clear to see this is most definitely not the case. Thank you for all you have done and are doing.

(Year 7 parent, May 2020)

TLC (Teaching and Learning Centre) 
I would like to comment on TLC and all the work they do to support our children who need a little extra support. My child has anxiety and really struggles going to school but knowing they can go to TLC when children arrive at school in the morning is so helpful. 
On two occasions recently we couldn’t get out of the car to walk into school due to crying and being anxious. A member of staff from TLC came to us and offered reassurance so that my child was then able to go into school. As a parent it is hard to leave your child feeling this way, but the school has been really supportive and a member of staff emailed me to give me an update on how my child was feeling.  This was extremely reassuring. 
All of the TLC staff go above and beyond to support the children who need a little extra support. I never expected this support from high school. It has been invaluable.  Thank you. 

(Year 7 parent, March 2020)

How we support our child:

We talk about the future and where he sees himself when he leaves school. We explain that not all jobs are 9 to 5, so teachers handing out homework is a preparation for what comes next, and they want you to succeed with that. Stop looking at it as a punishment, teachers are not the enemy! We do have this conversation regularly.

Bribery is another way, school work always has to come first. If the homework is not done he is not allowed to go to the gym or football practice as these are the things he really enjoys.

The internet is switched off at 10pm Sunday to Thursday.

We break the school year down so he knows how long each term is.

We plan trips for half term works well and cash incentive if he gets below 5 threes in a term.

Above all think we tell him to think about the satisfaction and how proud he will be if he passes all his GCSE’s. 

(Year 10 parent, February 2020)


A pupil’s journey throughout their school life is not one to be taken alone.  At Alsager School, parental and carer support is up there with the most crucial of contributions to a child’s development, academic progress and wellbeing.  As parents we are constantly reminded (quite rightly), that giving our children support at home and encouragement to do their very best, can only enhance their chances of reaching their full potential.  

Support at home comes in many forms; it can be as simple as ensuring that our children are warm and healthy, to being interested in what they are learning, having an awareness of their strengths, weaknesses and how they feel about their studies.  For them, it’s knowing that they always have someone that they can talk to, look to for support, encourage them when they do well and make them feel positive even when things aren’t going so well. 

As a family, we have seen so many benefits of taking the high school journey together. We agreed from the beginning that we would give our son all the support that we could. As time passed, of course, our interest was not always welcomed or appreciated, yet despite this we were generally able to gauge a fine balance between support and annoyance (for everyone!) For us, discussions at the dinner table have always worked well as it provides a natural forum for us to chat about what we have done during the day.  The standard kick-off question is “So, how has your day been?”  Even after five years of high school, we still ask if there is one amazing thing that our son has learned that day.  What is fantastic, is now that he is in Alsager Sixth Form, our son is the one saying “Do you want to hear something really cool that I learned today?”  

Attendance has been a really important element to support our child with.  Good attendance ensures that the foundations of learning are as strong as they can be – we have all seen the statistics of how GCSE grades can be negatively affected by absence from school. In addition, poor attendance is not tolerated in   employment, so instilling resilience and reliability into a routine is a great way to prepare our children for the big wide world. There may be the odd occasion when absence can’t be avoided, but we are so proud that our son was able to achieve 100% attendance throughout his five years at Alsager School. 

There are lots of opportunities to become more involved in school life; different sports and clubs that help to improve physical, academic and social skills, as well as general wellbeing.  There is also the school orchestra, choirs and drama groups that put on some amazing shows every year.  Our son was a member of the orchestra throughout high school, as well as being part of a band with friends.  The music department was supportive, providing a regular haunt for their band practice and they were even allowed to perform at musical events, which helped them to prepare for their first gigs outside of school.   

Our son also successfully applied to become a Prefect – he felt that it would be good experience to gain, as well as being something positive to add to his first CV – showing a commitment to support the school. His 100% attendance is also on his CV.  The process of completing an application form and being interviewed by a panel who were interested in his strengths and what skills he could bring to the position of Prefect, were certainly character-building and a glimpse into interview techniques that will be useful in years to come. 

The support that our son has received over his five years at Alsager School, both from staff and at home, has been invaluable for our son’s academic and social development.  To see him reap the rewards with great GCSE grades and a smooth transition into life at Alsager Sixth Form, has proved that the effort by him and those supporting him has been well worthwhile. 

(Parent, January 2020)

Mr Middlebrook
An Achieving School; A Caring Community” underpins our approach in education.
Alsager School
Mr Middlebrook
An Achieving School; A Caring Community” underpins our approach in education.
Mrs O'Neill
Alsager School is a fantastic community where we foster kindness and respect.
Alsager School
Mrs O'Neill
Alsager School is a fantastic community where we foster kindness and respect.
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