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Alsager School offers parents access to the Parent Portal. For any issues relating to the Parent Portal contact To view further information about accessing the Parent Portal please download the informative pdf.

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Access to pupil data online for parents FAQ’s

Here are a selection of the questions we are most commonly asked about THE PARENT PORTAL…
How are passwords and usernames generated?
User names and passwords are generated automatically within the software based on parental contacts found in our school database.

How are passwords and user names distributed to parents and in what format?
User names and passwords are distributed by email produced by the system.

How secure is the system?
The Parent Portal meets the requirements as requested by Becta in the Secure Remote Access and Data Security paper. A two-factor authentication has been set up, authenticated by a time limited “pin” sent to the users registered email address.

Where does THE PARENT PORTAL get its data from?
The Parent Portal displays the data held in our school database.

Can I see student reports?
Yes, individual reports in our system are available to be seen in THE PARENT PORTAL.

Can parents print off any report viewed on THE PARENT PORTAL?
Yes, there is a print button to allow you to do this.

How do I access THE PARENT PORTAL?
Access for parents is via a link on the school’s web site.

Can I use mobile devices to access THE PARENT PORTAL?
THE PARENT PORTAL software conforms to W3C standards and works on all of the most popular browsers and mobile devices.

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