Learning Resource Centre (LRC)​


The Team

The LRC is staffed by Mrs Griffiths and Mrs Downey, with the help of a team of student library helpers.

Opening Hours

The LRC is open every break and lunch time, in the morning at 8:30 before school begins and after school until 4:30pm Monday to Thursday. The LRC closes at 3:15pm on Friday.


Alongside the library’s 8000 fiction, non-fiction and reference books, there are 30 desktop computers, printers, scanning and photocopying facilities. There is a quiet area with soft seating for reading and a small DVD collection with many page to screen films.

Computer Area


Non-fiction Stock

The LRC has a large collection of non-fiction books on all topics, with many especially selected to support and accompany curriculum areas with ILAs and home learning tasks. Students can use the library catalogue, Heritage, to search for useful books. We have a large selection of subject specific books in our Sixth form collection specialising in AS and A2 texts, as well as a wide range of journals and magazines, many of which specifically support AS and A2 courses

Fiction Stock

We stock a wide range of fiction books to support students’ reading for pleasure. Our collection caters for all tastes and abilities, including classic reads, graphic novels, audio books and shorter books for reluctant readers. Our team strive to find the perfect book for every student and our stock is continuously being updated. Students in Years 7-11 are allowed to borrow 4 items (as long as age appropriate) over three weeks, which can be renewed if not required by another student. Student in Years 12-13 are allowed to borrow 6 items over two weeks, which can be renewed if not required by another student