Our aim here at Alsager is for all our students to be ‘numerate’, by that we mean that they have the confidence and competence in using number that will allow them to solve problems, analyse information and make informed decisions based on calculations they have used. 

We want them to become at ‘home’ with their mathematics and develop an ability to cope with the demands of everyday life number, alongside having appreciation and understanding of information which is presented in different Mathematical terms, e.g. graphs, charts, tables.” In essence this is done by identifying the key principles of knowledge, skills and understanding.

  • To identify specific skills
  • To ensure understanding of concepts
  • To reinforce in a variety of contexts
  • To keep skills sharp and to further extend; to widen experience and understanding
  • To develop mental skills
  • To provide strategies for computation
  • To promote understanding in terminology
  • To involve all students

In the wider whole school approach to embedding maths and numeracy into everyday life a variety of approaches have been taken

  • Inset delivered by the Maths Faculty on methods of calculation and further whole school training is scheduled for all staff
  • Particular emphasis on the warm up session – ideas given on attached sheets
  • Good practice shared at Departmental meetings
  • Students encouraged to use mental and oral skills rather than pencil and paper methods
  • Methods of calculation also build on strategies learnt with Primary teaching and Mastery approaches
  • Students to see a range of alternative methods
  • Students to practice mental skills on a regular basis
  • Key words for Year 7 and 8 identified and used with students