Remote Learning

We aim to offer students the best remote learning experience possible. Please find below, information intended to provide clarity and support in relation to what to expect from remote education. This information is to support students as well as parents and carers.

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Please use the appropriate subject link below if you have not received an e-mail from your class teacher with today’s classwork.

All Years
  • My Maths all year groups
  • Maths Watch all year groups
  • Dr Frost Key stage 4 and 5
  • BBC teach
KS3 (IT)
  • BBC bitesize
KS4 Computer Science
KS5 Computer Science
  • Isaac Computing


    Access details: Username: 5Nk(1Ig(
    Password: 0Av$2Do&
    Watch Treasure Island
  • Use knowledge organisers to create a quiz/word search/ poster
  • Bandlab for Education  – An award winning online music platform where students can embark on a music-learning journey that unleashes their creativity and foster collaboration with peers.   
  • BBC 10 Pieces – BBC Ten Pieces consists of ten performances of classical music which aim to open up the world of classical music to 7-14 year-olds across the UK and inspire them to develop their own creative responses to the music   
  • KS3 Music Bitesize  – A website designed to help learn about topics covered at KS3, support learning and find out about careers in music.
  • Little Kids Rock Jam Zone  – Learn to play your favourite band skills instruments and songs.  
  • Music Theory  – Free online lessons and exercises to help learn about the theory behind music.
  • Oak Academy – online music lessons ready to be accessed.
  • Memrise – All your key words and concepts explained.



Watch and make notes on the following videos, apply points to cue cards and memorise

PE Core
  • Complete cue cards
  • Test yourself using knowledge organisers
Cambridge National
  • Coursework tasks and corrections
  • RO41 – knowledge organiser, cue cards etc ensure you know key terms
Cambridge Nat Child Development
  • Coursework tasks and improvements plus Sharepoint Learning Resources
Cambridge Nat Engineering
  • Coursework tasks and improvements plus Sharepoint Learning Resources
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