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Supporting your child

As students move from Year 11 to Sixth Form some parents experience uncertainty about how much they should be involved in their child’s education. The Sixth Form is a period of transition from compulsory education to the independence of Higher Education or the world of work but the three way partnership of student, school and parent remains crucial for successful learning. We aim to work with you in supporting your son/daughter by providing regular progress updates and contacting you in the event of concerns.

Year 12 Transition Evening 9/9 PowerPoint Presentation

All new Year 12 parents are invited to attend a parent information evening in September. There are parents evenings in both years 12 and 13 as well as 3 assessment points when student progress is recorded by their teachers (see key dates section). Additionally in March of year 12 we hold a Higher Education Evening to launch the UCAS application process for those students wishing to further their studies at university.

In the event of unacceptable behaviour or attitude from a Sixth Form student parents will be contacted and asked to come into the school to discuss the best way forward for the student. A copy of the Sixth Form Disciplinary Policy can be obtained from

Study Guidance

No Sixth Form student should ever say that s/he has no work to do! Even if they do not currently have an assignment for a particular subject there is always some form of independent learning that students can be doing, for example reading around the subject in journals and on the internet, reviewing and highlighting class notes, organising files, etc. They are encouraged to make good use of their study periods and can do so in school by either working in the LRC or the Sixth Form Area. Some subjects such as Art and Music allow students to work in their dedicated classrooms during study periods. Year 13 students may also work at home in their study periods but Year 12 students are asked to remain on site unless they have a study period during lesson 5 at the end of the school day. If a student persistently fails to meet deadlines for work set s/he may be asked to sign in at one of the study areas until s/he is up to date.