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Parents in Partnership – Gift Aid

I would like to introduce you to Alsager School’s ‘Parents in Partnership’ (formerly known as Alsager School Trust).  This is an organisation whose aim is to provide additional educational benefits for the students of Alsager School.

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Established in 1991, this is both a cost and time effective way of fund raising and making a huge difference to improving the learning experience of your child here at Alsager.  Previously, donations through Parents in Partnership, have paid for guest speakers, the purchase of musical instruments which our students can hire and CDT machinery to name a few of the projects they have funded. More recently, Parents in Partnership have contributed to our new cutting edge Performing Arts Centre.

What are we asking you to do?

We are asking you to make regular gift payments, which will go directly to enriching your child’s education. Tax relief on these payments may be claimed by Parents in Partnership provided that you pay tax already and, if you pay taxes at the higher rates then you may receive additional tax relief.  Most people choose to pay by banker’s order (please see below form) or you can make occasional donations but it’s up to you.

Download the Parents in Partnership newsletters below:

What are the benefits?

Whatever sum you choose to give, the Government gives us an additional 25% in tax relief (subject to current tax rates), for example, for every £10 that you give the school benefits by an additional £2.50.

By joining Parents in Partnership (PIP) and making a donation of any size, you will make a huge difference to your child’s learning experience here at Alsager.

How much should I give?

This is entirely up to you, it does not matter how small your donation might seem, all will be gratefully received.

Who administers the Fund and how will the money be spent?

The funds are managed in school but remain under the control of the Trustees who meet once a year to distribute funds.

If you are willing to donate please download the application form below and return to school. If you have any questions about Parents in Partnership please contact either myself or Mrs Bason here at school.

Yours sincerely

Richard Middlebrook