Exam Regulations

Exam Guidance for Students and Parents/Carers

Before the Exams

Exam Regulations

Copies of the JCQ ‘Warning to Candidates’ poster, ‘Information for Candidates Written Examinations,’ ‘No Unauthorised Items’ poster and other important guidance to candidates can be found on the school website under Exams. It is important that you familiarise yourself with these notices and make sure you are aware of what is expected of you. Breaking any rules or regulations could lead to disqualification from all subjects. The school must report any breach of regulations to the Exam Board.

Malpractice (Cheating) & Unauthorised Materials

Mobile phones, iPods, MP3/4 players, wrist watches which have a data storage device, or any other products with text/digital facilities MUST NOT BE BROUGHT INTO THE EXAM ROOM even if you do not intend to use them.  Familiarise yourself with the ‘No Unauthorised Items’ poster. Exam invigilators will not be held responsible for any devices they have to remove from students during an exam)

At this Centre, all watches are banned from examination rooms.

Other forms of malpractice include:

  • Being in possession of unauthorised materials, e.g. Revision notes, reading pens
  • Communicating with other candidates (by talking, signing or otherwise).
  • Copying from other candidates
  • Sitting an exam in the name of another candidate

Any form of malpractice is a very serious offence and you will be subject to a penalty and possible disqualification from all your subjects under the JCQ Suspected Malpractice Procedures.


Statement of Entry/Initial Timetable

Once your exam entries have been confirmed, you will be issued with a statement of entry/initial timetable indicating the subjects you have been entered for and the levels of entry, where applicable. You must check everything on your statement of entry very carefully – date of birth, name, (which for exam purposes must be your legal forename and surname) and correct levels of entry. Inform the exams officer immediately if there is a problem.


A copy of all the exam dates and times will be available on the school website. You will also receive an individual timetable showing your own specific exams, with details of date, time, duration, venue and seat number. Check this final timetable very carefully and report any issues to the exams officer immediately, especially if you feel an exam is missing from the timetable.


On your statement of entry/initial timetable, some exams may be scheduled to take place at the same time. Don’t worry as clashes will be resolved by the Exams Officer.  Usually you will sit clash papers one after the other, sometimes with a small supervised break in between, or the exams officer may move one of the exams to a different time and you will need to be in exam isolation until you have completed your exams.

On Exam Day

  • Make sure you are outside your exam room at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time on your timetable.
  • Check the seating plan outside the room or on the Hollinshead Hall corridor windows to make sure there are no last-minute changes.
  • Bring all your equipment in a transparent pencil case or clear plastic bag.
  • If you bring a drink, make sure it is in a clear plastic bottle with any labels removed.
  • Do not bring mobile phones, iPods, mp3 players, watches or headphones into the exam room. If you forget, make sure they are turned off and handed to an invigilator before the exam starts. Exam Boards deal very severely with candidates who ignore the regulations. Misconduct may lead to loss of all marks for a paper and ultimately the Exam board could decide not to award you a grade.
  • Make sure you sit in the correct seat.
  • If you are too ill to attend an exam your parent/carer must inform school before 8.45 am on the day. You will not be able to sit the exam on another day, so it is advisable that you try and get a doctor’s note so the Exams Officer can try and apply for Special Consideration on your behalf.
  • If you are, or know you, are going to be delayed, you must contact school. Students who arrive very late may still be allowed to sit the exam but a report must be sent to the Exam Board and they could refuse to accept your work. You must report to reception on your arrival.
  • All personal belongings, bags, coats will not be allowed in the exam room and must be left in the designated areas.

During the Exam

Exam Conditions 

You are under strict exam conditions once you enter the exam room until you have left. Do not attempt to communicate with or distract other candidates. Should you require anything, put your hand up and wait for an invigilator.


The school employs external invigilators to conduct examinations. You must always behave in a respectful manner towards invigilators and follow their instructions. Their main role is to ensure that the Exam Board procedures are followed and if they suspect that you are breaking any of the regulations, they must inform the Exams Officer. Invigilators cannot read any words printed on the question papers for you, other than the instructions on the front cover. They cannot offer advice on which questions to answer or explain questions to you. If you need assistance, e.g. if you need more paper or if you feel ill, raise your hand and wait for an invigilator to come to you. Never try to communicate with other candidates in the exam room.

Starting your Exam

  • Listen carefully to instructions and notices read out by the invigilator and do not start writing anything until instructed.

  • Check you have the correct paper, especially if there are higher and foundation tiers. It is your responsibility to inform the invigilator if you think you have the wrong paper.

  • Read the instructions carefully before you start to answer the questions.

  • Don’t use eraser pens, brightly coloured pens or highlighters within your answers.

  • Make sure you put your candidate number and name on all the answer sheets you use.

Emergencies – If the fire alarm sounds during an exam, the invigilators will tell you what to do. Please do not panic. If you have to evacuate the room, you will be asked to leave in silence. You must not attempt to communicate with anyone during the evacuation. On return, you will be allowed the full working time for the exam. 

Finishing an Exam 

Under normal circumstances you will not be permitted to leave the room until the end of the exam when the senior invigilator dismisses you. If you finish early, use the time to check your answers. Remember you are still under exam conditions until you have left the room.

At the end of an exam, all work must be handed in. Remember to cross out any rough work. Ensure your name and candidate number is written on every additional book.

Remain seated in silence until told to leave the exam room. Please leave in silence and show consideration for other candidates who may still be working.

Question papers, answer booklets, additional sheets must not be taken from the exam room.

After the Exams


Candidates will be able to collect their results on the morning of the results days. Students will be sent information regarding these dates and times and they can also be found on the school website exams page. Results will only be issued to the student to whom they belong. If you are unable to collect your own results, a relative or friend may collect them on your behalf but only if they bring to school a letter signed by you giving them permission to collect your results and bring some form of photo ID, or they will be posted to you on the results day. 

Later in the morning, results will be made available on the parent portal Insight.

Enquiries about Results 

If you have any concerns about your results or want to see a copy of your marked script you should discuss this with subject teachers in the first instance. There are various options available and deadlines are tight so you must act quickly once you have your results. Enquiries about results can only be submitted by the school and you will have to sign a consent form before the exams officer can process your request. Fees and forms are available from the Exams Officer on request and will also be available on the school website exams page.


You will be notified by the school when your certificates are available to collect. If you are unable to collect your certificates in person, a relative or friend can collect them for you, but only if they bring to school a letter signed by you giving them your permission and some form of photo ID.

Exam certificates are extremely important documents and are often needed for job applications, university/college places and apprenticeship places.

Special Consideration

 Sometimes adverse circumstances, just before or during exams, can affect your performance. Exam Boards do make allowances in certain situations such as recent illness or recent bereavement, providing the school has appropriate supporting evidence. Speak to your Exams Officer as soon as possible if you think this may apply to you.

This information can be downloaded below, along with other useful resources:

Examinations Handbook for Students/Parents

Information for candidates Written Exams 2022

Warning to Candidates Poster 2021

No Unauthorised Items Poster 2022

JCQ Preparing to Sit Your Exams

Jcq AI Poster for Students

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