Alsager Designated as a National Maths Hub

We are delighted that Alsager School was designated as a national Maths Hub with effect from September 2019. There are only 37 of these Maths Hubs nationally, led by schools who have a proven track record of exceptional maths results and high quality teaching in mathematics. The role of Maths Hubs is to provide professional development opportunities and deliver programmes for maths teachers from across the region, ranging from Early Years up to A Level. Many of these programmes are based upon the principle of ‘Teaching for Mastery’ which has been proven to be so successful in improving the quality of the teaching of mathematics in Asia.

At Alsager, we are very lucky to have such talented maths colleagues who are already trained and teach using this mastery approach. Mrs Watts has been a key driver in this, and she took part in a maths mastery exchange to Shanghai. Mr Middlebrook said: “To be designated as a national Maths Hub is a fantastic achievement for the school. This really is a prestigious role for Alsager and I must thank all the maths faculty, but especially Mrs Watts, who has been instrumental in driving teaching for mastery within our mathematics faculty. 

We are continuously working with colleagues from across the north west to help improve the quality of maths teaching for all young people in the region, including those lucky enough to be here at Alsager.