Behaviour for Learning

At Alsager School we want to celebrate the excellent behaviour in lessons.
Our ‘Behaviour for Learning system’ provides a BFL grade in every lesson. The Grades range from 1 to 4. The minimum expectation is a 2 and within that lesson, through behaviour, the teacher may move the grade up to a 1 or perhaps move it down to a 3 or 4 if behaviour becomes unacceptable.
There are a series of rewards and celebrations if students achieve 2s and 1s in their behaviour. We want to celebrate this as we know that excellent behaviour impacts on learning.


Weekly Reward

If a student has stayed on a 1 or 2 for the previous week, a ‘Golden Ticket’ is awarded which is entered in the half termly prize draw.

Fortnight Reward

The best form per fortnight in each College will receive a full lunch pass. 

Top BFL Reward

Every 4 weeks those students who have the highest number of BFL 1’s in each College are celebrated. Students are invited to meet for cookies and drink with the Deputy Headteacher. Photos are taken and displayed in school and on social media and a praise postcard is sent home.

(We have not been doing this in the normal way due to the amount of imposed isolation for students and the impact and unfairness of celebrating students in these circumstances. The form of the celebration will be determined by the social distancing needed in school).

Half Termly Reward

All students who have stayed on a 1 or 2 for an entire half term, will receive a ‘Certificate of Achievement’.

Big Breakfast Winners

Every term the Form who has the best BFL’s and Attendance in each year group are invited to have a commentary Big Breakfast. (Again this has been paused due to social distancing).

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