Celebrating Progress & Effort

Our aim at Alsager School is to ensure that all our pupils strive to reach their full potential. All pupils therefore have a ‘minimum good progress’ grade in every subject they study, based on prior Key Stage 2 attainment, to encourage them to aim high.

Pupil progress is monitored by class teachers in every lesson through classwork, contributions to the lesson, assessments and homework. There are three assessment points for each year group throughout the academic year in which class teachers input a grade, a Behaviour for Learning mark and a grade for homework.

Data is then analysed by the class teacher and where a pupil is under performing an ‘in class action plan’ will be implemented. The Head of Faculty will also analyse the data and respond to underperformance with appropriate intervention. In addition to this, the Assistant Head and progress team responsible for Achievement monitor the progress of key groups and implement appropriate intervention strategies, which may include meeting with pupils, parents and staff as required.  Form tutors also provide support for their tutees.

Achievement Assembly

At the heart of Alsager School’s ethos is the belief that achievement and effort should be celebrated.  An Achievement assembly follows each assessment point to reward pupils who are meeting or exceeding their minimum good progress grade* and those who are high effort (but may not be on track for their good progress grade yet).  Alongside the school lapel badge they receive for Achievement (black swan) and/or Effort (burgundy swan), Year 11 pupils are also entered into a prize draw where they have the chance to win a voucher or prom ticket.

* We recognise that this is very challenging and therefore we include pupils who are off track in one subject at KS4 and two subjects at KS3 (unless it is Maths or English).