Numeracy Support


We use numeracy every day in all areas of our lives and our need for good numeracy skills only increase as we get older and we need to be responsible for our own finances. Our aim here at Alsager is for all our students to be ‘numerate’, by that we mean that all our students will have the confidence and competence in using numbers that will allow them to solve problems, analyse information and make informed decisions based on calculations they have used.

However, we do recognise that some students struggle with maths. All students are assessed on entering the school and will then be taught in a group suitable for their ability. 

During Maths lessons we teach “Maths Mastery” which focuses on students having a rounded whole understanding of the fundamentals and basics of Maths at Key Stage 3, which they can use as building blocks for their work in Key Stage 4. When teaching mastery, we use a variety of manipulatives like algebra tiles and disks, Cuisenaire rods and Numicon to help with concrete understanding of things like Fractions, Ratios, Percentages, Area, algebra etc. This ensures that all students can ‘master’ concepts before moving to the next part of the curriculum, allowing no pupil to be left behind. 

What do we offer in school?

Form time numeracy takes place with years 7 and 8 once per week. We are using Times Tables Rockstars where students are challenged in restricted time to answer as many times tables and division questions as they can. The aim is to develop good numeracy skills. 

For those students who are experiencing severe difficulties with ‘number’, we will test using the Sandwell Numeracy Test. This allows us to assess a pupils’ ability with numbers through five strands of basic numeracy skills, therefore allowing a targeted intervention, such as Precision Teaching, to be suggested to parents/carers.  

Cuisenaire rods


Maths mastery

My Maths

Oxford Owl – help at home  

Precision teaching

Times Tables Rockstars