Literacy Support

Literacy is the ability to read, write, speak and listen in a way that lets us all communicate effectively and make sense of the world.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn to use reading and writing meaningfully in their lives. It is a lifelong journey that starts with tiny steps but continues throughout our lives. Children are taught to read and write at an early age but having essential literacy skills opens up lots of new and exciting opportunities for them. 

Literacy development is a core value for Alsager School and all staff share the responsibility for the teaching of literacy across the curriculum.

However, we do recognise that for some students acquiring literacy skills is not easy. All students, in year 7-9, at Alsager complete basic reading and spelling assessments at the start of each academic year and any concerns will be addressed by the SEND team. At this point, if we thought it was appropriate, an intervention could be suggested to parents/carers. 

We have recently purchased the IDL program. This is a computer based multi-sensory system which supports learners with literacy difficulties. The students can access the system both in school and at home.

Over the last few years we have successfully used the Simultaneous Oral Spelling method to assist students with their spellings. This is offered as an intervention but can be used by all students at home. Please click on the links below for more details.

If you have any questions regarding literacy, please do not hesitate to contact us.