Supporting Students

Supporting Students in Years 12 and 13 at Alsager Sixth Form College

Our aim is to support all students so that they can succeed in their chosen course be that a one year traineeship or the two year A level courses. Past records show this to be a huge strength of Alsager Sixth Form College with our rates of student retention being far higher than national averages. This reflects the excellent level of support that we offer our students.

On rare occasions we do need to review the position of students on their chosen courses. This is done as a preventative measure and to support students as best we can. This may happen in the following circumstances:

  • where poor attendance and punctuality for reasons other than genuine illness affects progress
  • where lack of commitment to studies affects progress e.g a student repeatedly fails to meet deadlines and complete homework and or shows a lack of focus and motivation in lessons
  • where very poor use of ‘non contacts’ and an unwillingness to organise their studies and co-operate with staff affects progress.
  • where severe behavioural issues arise

In such cases the procedure outlined below will be followed:

  1. Form tutor or class teacher refers concern to Mrs Pole or Mr Evans
  2. Mrs Pole or Mr Evans will speak to the student and inform the parent that this conversation has taken place in line with step one of this procedure. The student’s teachers will monitor the progress towards improvement and keep Mrs Pole and Mr Evans updated and a date for review (usually a week) will be set.
  3. If the student fails to improve their attitude/attendance by the review date both the student and their parents will be called in for a meeting with Mrs Pole and Mr Middlebrook at which point the school will issue a Home – college agreement. This will be written on an individual basis, depending on the issues. The student, parent / carer and school will need to sign the agreement. A new review date will then be set. If there is no improvement, the next stage is made clear (ie. charged for exam fees).
  4. If there is still no improvement in attitude/attendance by the review date when all parties meet again the student will have to self fund exam fees / entries. The Home – college agreement will be reissued and signed again by student and parent / carer with a further review date. If there is no improvement by this review date, the student will be asked to leave Alsager 6th Form College. This could happen at any time in the academic year.

In cases of severe isolated incidents, a student can be asked to leave the college with immediate effect and without having to go through the stages highlighted above.