Emotional Wellbeing

Within the SEND department we provide support to students who require strategies to help with a variety of Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs (SEMH).

In TLC we offer a morning ‘meet and greet’ and end of day ‘debrief’ where students can ‘drop in’ before and after school. SEMH sessions are delivered by members of the team either on an individual or small group basis, depending on the needs of the student.

These are some of the programmes we deliver:

Anger management – This programme links to emotional literacy where students learn various skills with the ultimate aim of students having an optimistic outlook, a better focus and acceptance of other people and how they are.

Anger Management Programme Secondary

Anxiety program – using CBT skills to overcome teenage anxiety. CBT is based on research about how emotions work and what people can do to make themselves feel better. Worksheets and practical exercises are used to help take small steps towards becoming more confident, providing the student with strategies to manage their anxiety.

Shyness and Anxiety Workbook – An help book for teens

MindShift – a free app designed to help teens and young adults cope with anxiety

Mindfulness – Mindfulness is the practice of making ourselves more aware of thoughts, feelings and behaviour and is a necessary life-skill for fostering happiness and wellbeing.

Headspace: A mindfulness practice app

PERMA – The PERMA model of wellbeing is a programme of structured activities working on the development of social skills and understanding emotions within a small group. It allows the student to work alongside peers, engaging in debate, learning about themselves, building confidence and self-awareness. 

Drawing The Ideal Self – A personal construct psychology technique to explore self-esteem.

Social Stories/Comic strip conversations – Social stories and comic strip conversations can help students develop greater social understanding and stay safe…

Social Stories – A guide from the National Autistic Society.

Talkabout for teenagers – A programme developing social and emotional communication skills. 

The Incredible 5-point scale – Assisting students in understanding social interactions and controlling their responses. 

A 5 is Against the Law! – A book about social boundaries

Zones of Regulation – A programme designed to foster self-regulation and emotional control.

Self-care Tips for Young People – A useful website from the NHS promoting tips for good mental health.

AcSeed Accreditation

We are delighted to announce that Alsager School has been awarded the very prestigious AcSeed accreditation after having the excellent work we do in this challenging and sensitive area recognised.

The AcSEED review team were particularly impressed with:

1. Termly meeting with Safeguarding/EHS Governor to review policies and actions.
2. Rainbow lanyards identifying key staff.
3. School recognising that good emotional support starts with yourself before you can support others fully – strong staff wellbeing.
4. The use of home visits to engage parents.
5. Pastoral Leads have mental health and counselling training.
6. Group workshops to develop skills to reduce social anxiety.
7. Students mentoring peers who are experiencing similar difficulties that they themselves have overcome.
8. School delivers a wide variety of specific programmes to support students identified as needing addition help.
9. Wide range of wellbeing support given to vulnerable groups within school.
10. Wellbeing Ambassadors, student lead training for staff.
11. Staff wellbeing programme of activities.
12. Monthly wellbeing calendars.
13. High amount of staff training given over to emotional wellbeing and continuous updating and extending knowledge.
14. Stonewall Champion Status.
15. Development of language around wellbeing and resilience.

Many thanks to all staff and students for their part in creating such a supportive culture of kindness and for staff’s success in fostering strategies for wellbeing and resilience amongst our students.
Mr Middlebrook
An Achieving School; A Caring Community” underpins our approach in education.
Alsager School
Mr Middlebrook
An Achieving School; A Caring Community” underpins our approach in education.
Mrs O'Neill
Alsager School is a fantastic community where we foster kindness and respect.
Alsager School
Mrs O'Neill
Alsager School is a fantastic community where we foster kindness and respect.
Alsager School