Alsager School

Alsager Highfields Primary School

Today (28/4/20) I have informed all staff, governors, Trustees of AMAT and parents / carers that Alsager Highfields Primary School has been given a ‘Directed Academy Order’ by The Regional Schools Commissioner (on behalf of the Department for Education), to join Alsager Multi Academy Trust (AMAT). Staff, governors, pupils and parents / carers at Alsager Highfields were informed of this decision earlier today. AMAT expressed an interest in being the sponsor trust for Alsager Highfields a while ago and we are delighted by this decision. The target date for opening is 1/9/20. This will mean that as from September 2020, AMAT will be a multi academy trust of 3 schools (Alsager School, Weston and Alsager Highfields).

I must emphasise that this conversion is dependent upon a full due diligence process being completed and this work will start tomorrow.

Kind regards

Richard Middlebrook

Executive Headteacher AMAT