Alsager School

Unable to Attend LIVE LESSONS:

If your child or children are unable to attend a Live Lesson, please continue to use our normal methods of communication: 

Absence Line: 01270 871107 or

Please include your child’s FORM GROUP, the REASON for their absence and the time or approximate DURATION. 

This should be ued for illness, medical appointments, dental or orthodontic appointments, funerals, absence caused by technical issues, requests for leave in term time and to notify us if your child needs to isolate due to being in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19.

Testing positive for Covid-19:

Please continue to notify us if you or your child or children have contracted Covid-19 even if your child is not attending school during the Lockdown by emailing:

You should include the date that the symptoms started, the date of the test to confirm a positive and the final date of the isolation period. Thank you.