September Opening

Many of you will have been delighted to hear the news last week that schools will be open for all students from September.  We are really looking forward to seeing all of our students again.   We have had an increasing number in school over the past month and they have all been glad to get back to learning with their peers.  We know that students learn best in the school environment but that they flourish when they have the support from home.  Once we have finalised our re-opening plans I will communicate these with you.  This will be before the end of term next week.  However, I would urge you to keep checking our website and social media outlets as a matter of course.

Having been without a routine for what will be five months will pose some challenges for our students.  I am asking for your support in helping to prepare your child for their return.  This will vary depending on the lockdown experience of your child.  It may be resuming appropriate sleep patterns or reducing time on gadgets.  When we return in September our standards and expectations will be the same as they were when we finished on March 20th.  All students should return in full school uniform and be compliant with our uniform policy.  Yesterday I wrote to all students with a gentle reminder that they should let any extreme hairstyle grow out; sort out any unnatural hair colours and that they will be asked to remove non-compliant piercings.  It is important that we are consistent with our expectations and standards.   We pride ourselves on being a caring community and I would like to thank you in advance for your support with this.

There has been much talk in the press about students having ‘gaps’ in their learning.  I want to reassure you that we will make up for any lost learning throughout next academic year; we do not want our students to arrive in September in a state of panic.  An example of some changes are additional lessons for all Y13 subjects, additional English and maths sessions for Year 11 and subscription to additional support packages for all year groups.  We will also work to address well-being issues that will have arisen from the situation that we have been in.  A key part to the successful return to school will be reinforcing our Spirit values, particularly resilience.  Again, I believe we can work together as the adults in our community to support our children. 

I am sure you have questions about the return to school in September. As mentioned earlier, I will send out more information regarding the logistics of the re-opening.  If you have any pressing questions or queries, please send them to: and we will prepare a list of frequently asked questions with responses.  These will be posted on our website.

It is exciting being able to get back into school in September.  We are currently implementing plans to be able to welcome everyone back safely and in accordance with Government guidance.  I will be in contact again shortly. 

Best wishes,

Mrs O’Neill

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