Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentors

We are delighted to say our new Peer Mentors have completed their training on mentoring and target setting and ready to start their new role. We have been running Peer Mentoring for around 5 years; it is a programme in which a year 12 student is paired up with a year 11 student with the aim being of supporting them through their ultimate GCSE year. 

The logic behind it is that students who have already navigated the high pressure that is year 11 and GCSEs are best placed to inform our current year 11 students with hints and tips to help them succeed. Our students don’t only get help with subject specific content, but also revision skills, general tips, and wellbeing. The mentors also benefit as they learn skills that they can take forward into their future jobs or university applications, and further cement their learning through mentoring. 

We are very lucky to have the students we have as they make it an extremely positive experience with a productive atmosphere. The feedback from both sets of students and teachers is very positive which makes the 6-month project worthwhile. 

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