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As we head towards the final half term, I would like to thank all parents and carers for continuing to support our high standards, particularly around uniform. 

Year 13 are leaving today and have marked the occasion by coming into school in fancy dress.  Having missed out on a leaving day two years ago they have really gone to town.  There are some fantastic outfits, from ballet dancers to Spiderman.  They have had a great day, ending with a short assembly with subject awards.  I would like to thank all Y13 parents/carers for your support over the past 7 years; if this is your last child through, I wish you the best of luck as you embark on the next part of your journey as a family.  

Year 11 have made a great start to the exam period.  There have been several big exams this week and they have made good use of the free breakfasts.  Thank you to Matt and Laura in the canteen for preparing mounds of toast.  Invigilators have commented on the outstanding behaviour and attitudes. 

Congratulations to the pupils in Y7 and Y8 who completed the UKMT Maths challenge.  We always have great successes with this.

Concern has been expressed nationally about the growing number of young people vaping.  Whilst vaping may be considered as a less damaging option to cigarettes, the impact that vaping has on our health is still unknown.  Vapes are a prohibited item at Alsager School. We will continue to do random searches and if we find banned items, we will issue strong sanctions, such as suspension or alternative provision. 

A reminder that if your child is absent to leave a message on our bespoke email account:

To ensure a prompt start to lessons for all students we are adding ‘8 for late’ to our Behaviour for Learning grades, with effect from Monday 23rd May.  Whenever anyone arrives late to lessons, it impacts on the whole class as it disrupts the flow of the lesson.  As our governors mentioned in their message yesterday, behaviour in lessons is great; we want everyone arriving on time.

Our extra-curricular first aid club remains extremely popular.  Mr Potts, who runs the club, is heavily involved in first aid training outside of school and has used his connections to tap into some funding available for a second defibrillator for the school.  We have secured a grant for £300 but require a further £1400.  If you work for a company and feel that they would like to make a contribution to this, please get in touch. 

An exciting weekend of football lies ahead as the Premier League title race is decided.  I am sure Liverpool fans out there are keeping everything crossed that Steven Gerrard doesn’t slip up. Whatever your plans, have a lovely weekend.

“If you want special results, you have to feel special things together.  You can speak about spirit, or you can live it.” (Jürgen Klopp)

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