Our class of 2019 celebrated their exceptional GCSE and BTEC successes at Christ Church, Alsager on Wednesday 11th December.

Alongside students receiving their GCSE certificates, a variety of special awards were presented to students who had shown exemplary determination throughout their journey at Alsager. Students who made the most progress, demonstrated deftness within their subjects and accomplished remarkable successes during their time here were particularly commended for their achievements.

The class of 2019 was an outstanding year group who responded fantastically to the challenges of GCSE examinations. 89% of students achieved a GCSE ‘pass’ in English and 82% in Maths. There were also a huge number of students achieving the highest grades in other subjects: in Physics, for example, 44% of all grades were Grade 9 or 8. These are amazing achievements. 

One of the guest speakers for the event was Dr Hammond, current Physics teacher and former student, who spoke about his inspiring journey through education and his work in a variety of fields. His words were very rousing and showed the students that with resilience and a lifelong love of learning, one can accomplish great things.

Mrs O’Neill said: “These events are very special. It was a wonderful way to celebrate all of the hard work of an exceptional year group and it was lovely that so many parents and carers were also able to attend.”

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