Decision Regarding Year 10 RE GCSE for 2020

Today (5/5/20), Ofqual the exams regulator, have announced that students entered for 2020 GCSE exams in year 10 (for us that is RE) will receive calculated grades instead of taking the exams (as is the case with year 11 and year 13). This means that for year 10,  RE teachers will submit calculated grades based on what they think each student would have achieved if they had sat the exam papers this summer. This will be based on a wide range of evidence, mock exam results, other assessments, classwork etc. Please remember parents / carers and students must not contact RE staff to try and influence the grade that is awarded, we have been informed by the exam regulator that this could be construed as malpractice. Similarly, the guidance clearly states that schools must not share their calculated grades with students, parents or anyone else outside the institution. Please remember that once the RE staff and school have submitted our grades, they will go through a central moderation process (which will look at national statistics, schools trends etc) and so might be subject to change.  

If a student does not believe that they have been awarded the correct grade (GCSE results day 20th August), then there will be an appeals mechanism in place. We understand that this will not be delivered through the school. In addition, if a student does not feel the grade they have been given reflects their performance, they may have the opportunity to sit an exam, as soon as is reasonably possible after schools open again. For this reason, students should retain their RE exercise books and notes, just in case.

Best wishes

Richard Middlebrook

Executive Headteacher

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