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Good afternoon,

We had a very good uptake for the mass testing today.   All students who took part will come home with an additional 6 tests.  I believe LFDs are like gold dust at the moment but please do continue with twice weekly testing.  The guidance surrounding self-isolation seems to be constantly changing.  Below I have answered some frequently asked questions with up-to-date information. 

We have just received the dates for the second round of Covid vaccines for 12–15-year-olds.  This will be for first and/or second dose, as long as the first dose was 12 weeks before. These will take place on March 28th and March 29th.  Information about consent forms will be sent out later.  

Self-isolation FAQs. 

  1. A member of the household tests positive on a PCR.  Does the child (who lives with them) need to self-isolate?  Yes, the child must isolate for 5 days from when the affected person had their first symptoms or positive test; the child should get a PCR test as well (we advise on day 3) and when they come back to school, they should do daily LFTs until the person who is isolating is out of isolation.
  2. A member of the household tests positive.  Can the member of staff who lives with them (fully vaccinated) come into work? Yes, but they should do daily LFDs and get a get a PCR test (we advise on day 3) but they do not need to isolate whilst awaiting PCR results. 
  3. A child tests positive on a PCR.  Can they return to school on day 7 if they have a negative LFD on day 6 and day 7?  Yes. This guidance is the most recent.  The affected person should do an LFD on day 6.  If that is negative, they should do one on the morning of day 7, before school/work and if it is negative, they can resume normal business.
  4. A child tests positive on an LFD on Monday with no symptoms.  Their PCR result comes back on the Thursday.  When does their isolation end? Day 0 would be the Monday when they tested positive on the LFD.  They would do the first LFD on Sunday (day 6) and the next day (day 7) in the morning.  If this one is negative, they can go to school/work on that same day.

The guidance can be confusing.  If you are unsure about any element of testing or isolation and have been unable to find the answers on the government website,  please contact us and we will answer your query.

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