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The Government announced on Tuesday 8th December that schools may finish on Thursday 17th December so that staff involved in the school’s ‘track and trace’ process do not have to work up to Christmas Eve.  Schools would, however, have to make changes to their school calendar to make up for the ‘lost day of learning’.  We have made the decision to keep to our published dates and will finish, as planned, on Friday December 18th at 12:10.  

Please see below for details of what to do if your child tests positive for Covid 19 during the Christmas holidays and how we will respond.

Covid 19 update for the Christmas holidays.

If any member of your household is displaying any of the 3 main Covid 19 symptoms you must all self-isolate and await the test results. 

Your child must only get a Covid19 test if they have any of the 3 main symptoms. 

We will run our ‘track and trace’ system up to and including December 24th

If your child develops symptoms on or up to Sunday 20th December, you must inform us as soon as you have test results so that we can contact students your child had close contact with and advise them that they must self-isolate.  We will access the email account up to and including December 24th

If your child develops symptoms from Monday 21st December onwards, you must inform us as soon as you have the test results, but we will not need to contact any students as close contacts to advise them of the need to self-isolate. 

When contacting the email address, please provide the information below to enable us to take the appropriate action.

Date symptoms started:

Date last in school:

Date of test:

We will contact you as soon as possible, but please be advised that we do not run a 24-hour service.  We ask that you do not share details of the results on social media and await contact from the school.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

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