Collecting Calculated A level/GCSE/BTEC Results.

Please find enclosed details of when and where to collect your calculated A level/GCSE/BTEC results.

The calculated grade is the most likely grade that a student would have achieved had the exams gone ahead. 

Grades have been based on a range of evidence including mock exams, non-exam assessment, homework assignments and any other record of student performance over the course of study.

Your teachers have worked as a team (faculty, SLT link, data manager) to produce the ‘most likely’ result using the evidence that they had.  Headteachers nationally were asked to be judicious and to exercise ‘moral leadership’ in allocation of grades and not take the opportunity to over-inflate outcomes.  To avoid schools over inflating their results, national guidance made it clear that the school’s previous data would be taken into consideration.  

I want to reassure you that staff at Alsager School were rigorous in their approach; worked as a team to avoid any potential bias or discrimination and behaved professionally and with integrity.  

Schools submitted the centre assessed grades to the exam board and the final outcome for each student, a calculated grade, has been determined by the exam board. 

Although you will not feel as invested in these results as you would have had you taken the exams, they will reflect the work that you have put in to your studies.  I would urge you prior to collecting your results to fully and honestly reflect on your performance over the past two years.  This will help to avoid any shocks on results day. 

You should view your grades as a stepping stone to the next stage in your educational journey.   If your results are slightly lower than you feel you could have achieved, they may still be good enough to get you onto an A level course or a university course.  If you are unable to get onto your chosen course and would like to take your exams, you will have an opportunity to take them in the autumn series of exams.  

Please read the instructions regarding the collection of your results carefully as we will be implementing a strict procedure due to social distancing guidelines. 

We look forward to seeing you on results day. 

Mrs A O’Neill

Head of School

Collecting your results

Alsager School opens at 8.30am for the collection of exam results on 13th and 20th August.  We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible, but we must adhere to government guidelines.   Organised by surname, you must go to your allocated pick up point at the time specified and not arrange to meet friends in other parts of the school.  Family and friends will not be able to accompany you into the building when collecting results.  Results will be available on Insight from 11am.  Exam results will be posted home if they have not been collected.

A Level Results Day

Thursday 13th August

TimeHollinshead Hall6th Form Study Area
8.30 – 10.30Surnames A-KSurnames L-Z

You will be asked to complete an exit questionnaire on your post-18 destination. Please bring your mobile phone and a pen.   If you have not achieved the grades required for your planned next steps, staff will be available to support and advise you.  In this instance, a parent/carer may also be present.  This counselling service will also be available on Friday 14th August.  There will also be information sent out via UCAS just prior to results day as to what you should do if you have not achieved the required grades.  

GCSE Results Day

Thursday 20th August

TimeHollinshead Hall6th Form Study Area
8.30 -8.50 A, CB
8.50 – 9.10D, EF, G
9.10-9.30HI – K
9.30 – 9.50 LM
9.50 – 10.10N – PR, T

If you have not achieved the grades required for a course, staff will be available to support and advise you via a telephone appointment in the afternoon. You will be provided with a course booklet to see what alternatives are available in advance of the call. Students who have met the entry requirements but wish to change their options should email Mrs Pole, Mr Evans or Mrs Rowlands to ask for a telephone appointment. 

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