Brilliant work from year 7!

Year 7 look at the link between the humanities, History, RE and Geography. It is about how the humanities have changed the world. History looks at everything from vaccines to the discovery of chocolate, Geography looks at plastic pollution and RE looks at things from ‘do animals have souls’ to religion in film. The aim of the project is for the students to create a resource based on anything that has inspired them in the humanities.We have a brilliant drawing from Alexander on Narnia and the fact that Aslan is the ‘son of God’ therefore he has drawn Aslan like the sun.Mollie-Ann has done a jar with a dolphin to show the effect of plastic on our oceans.Millie chose to do a world, suffering with an airbag, IV drip and plastic coming from inside, to show that our world needs to be mended.Archie also chose pollution and included a facemask, they have looked at this in lessons and how the pandemic is having an immediate effect on our ocean.Alicia looked at guide dogs – including facts and information about two dogs she sponsors.Riley has designed a world with two halves, one full of plastics.James was inspired by his history lesson on aeroplanes and constructed his own plane based on the Wright brothers.Charley’s project is a snakes and ladders game that students had so much fun playing, it has 4 RE topics- such as religious dress and the player has to collect as many facts as possible.Well done to you all!

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