AcSeed Accreditation

We are delighted to announce that Alsager School has been awarded the very prestigious AcSeed accreditation after having the excellent work we do in this challenging and sensitive area recognised.

The AcSEED review team were particularly impressed with:

1. Termly meeting with Safeguarding/EHS Governor to review policies and actions.
2. Rainbow lanyards identifying key staff.
3. School recognising that good emotional support starts with yourself before you can support others fully – strong staff wellbeing.
4. The use of home visits to engage parents.
5. Pastoral Leads have mental health and counselling training.
6. Group workshops to develop skills to reduce social anxiety.
7. Students mentoring peers who are experiencing similar difficulties that they themselves have overcome.
8. School delivers a wide variety of specific programmes to support students identified as needing addition help.
9. Wide range of wellbeing support given to vulnerable groups within school.
10. Wellbeing Ambassadors, student lead training for staff.
11. Staff wellbeing programme of activities.
12. Monthly wellbeing calendars.
13. High amount of staff training given over to emotional wellbeing and continuous updating and extending knowledge.
14. Stonewall Champion Status.
15. Development of language around wellbeing and resilience.

Mrs Walton said: “Many thanks to all staff and students for their part in creating such a supportive culture of kindness and for staff’s success in fostering strategies for wellbeing and resilience amongst our students.”

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