A Message from Mrs O’Neill

Good afternoon,

I have never known a half term to last so long, but we have made it to the end and I am sure that many of our students are looking forward to a well-earned rest.  I hope that you have all got some good box sets and films lined up for next week.  I have so far managed to avoid buying any Christmas food, but I am not sure that I can hold out until December to have my first mince pie.  I cannot quite believe that shops are already stocking them, but I do know that my will power is certainly not that strong!

Whilst I have not enjoyed reporting on the Covid cases this half term, I have enjoyed the opportunity to communicate regularly with students, parents and carers.  We are very fortunate to have such a supportive community and together we can help provide the best opportunities for all of our children.  Many of you have taken the time to share your gratitude and staff have really appreciated your kind words.  We know that we do not always get it right.  That is the wonderful thing about working in a school; we are always learning, and we will always respond to any concerns and queries that we receive.  What you say matters; how you say it matters more.

There have been some great ‘only in Alsager School’ moments this week: we’ve seen Y8 pupils at lunchtime creating their own obstacle courses on the astro turf, Y7 pupils catching leaves as they fell from the trees, a Y9 pupil telling me that the school pizza is better than Domino’s, and a personal favourite, a Y7 pupil at the front of the lunch queue asking if she could go to the back to be with her friends!

Cheshire East has seen a rise in the number of confirmed Covid 19 cases; it will be really important to follow the Tier 2 measures over the coming months in order to help reduce transmission.  I have outlined below what you should do in the event of your child having a positive Covid 19 test during the holidays.  We do not run a 24-hour service but will respond swiftly to information that we receive.  In order to avoid rumours going into overdrive I ask that positive test results are not shared on social media.  

Enjoy the half term break and thank you, as always, for your support.

“In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” (Albert Camus)

What to do if your child tests positive for Covid 19 during the holidays.

If your child tests positive for Covid 19 during the holidays you must inform the school on this email address:


We ask that this is not posted on social media and that the school is informed first. 

Please do not use the absence email address.

You must provide the following information so that we can contact ‘close contacts’ and tell them that they must self-isolate:

Date of the test.

When symptoms started.

The last day your child was in school.

We will ask you who your close contact in school are.

A member of the Senior Leadership team will contact you by phone.

If your child gets symptoms from Monday onwards we will not need to contact any students regarding self-isolation but you must still inform us.  We will not contact you by phone in this case. 

You may also be contacted by test and trace.

How will I find out if my child is a ‘close contact’?

If your child is named as a ‘close contact’ we will send an email to you with details about the self-isolation period. We will not make individual phone calls in the school holidays. We will post a message on the website and our social media outlets to ask parents/carers for that year group to check your emails.

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