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Sixth Form Policies

KS5 Attitude to Learning Grade

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Attendance and Punctuality in the Sixth Form 

The key to success in advanced study is full attendance, a genuine commitment to study and the belief that meeting the demands of your studies should be a top priority in your life. The page linked below outlines our policy on attendance and punctuality including the procedure for reporting an absence and dealing with absence concerns.

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Dress Code

The students in years 12 and 13 are the oldest members of the student body and as such are expected to serve as positive role models to the rest of the school. The aim of the dress code is to create a good image of the Sixth Form within the school and the community. This dress code will also prepare the students for a possible future career where many will be obliged to wear smart or formal attire.

Please note that the current dress code will be replaced in September 2016 with a new ‘smarter’ dress code.

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Escalation Policy

Our aim is to support all students so that they can succeed in their chosen course. The Escalation Policy explains our policy for supporting students to ensure that they achieve their potential.

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