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Please find below details for the staggered return in January 2021.  Should any details change I will inform you as soon as possible during the Christmas holidays.  All year 11 and Y13 are to return as normal and we anticipate that the majority of students in other year groups will stay at home for remote learning.  We should treat this week as a ‘firebreak’ and ensure that we are following all lockdown protocols in order to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid 19. 

We have not yet received any information regarding the implementation of lateral flow testing in school. 

I would like to thank all parents and carers for your kind messages and take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  

 Staggered Return January 2021 

  • If your child is in Y11 or Y13 they should return to school as normal on Monday 4th January 2021. All lessons will be as per their timetable and all lessons will be face to face, classroom based. 
  • Year 11 and year 13 students will be allowed off site at lunchtime unless we move into Tier 3 during the Christmas period. Year 11 and Y13 will be able to buy food at break in Best Bite and lunch will be available in Best Bite from 12:05-12:40 
  • If your child is in Y7-10 or Y12 they should stay at home and they will receive all lessons as per their timetable online. We are aware that in many families children share access to a laptop. Therefore, all work will be sent via email. Some lessons will be delivered via Teams, but the subject teacher will let the students know in advance. All staff will be available during the timetabled lesson should your child need support or have any questions. 
  • If it is unsafe for your child to stay at home or they are vulnerable, you must contact the following email address to let us know that your child will be coming to school: 
  • All lessons for Y7-10 and Y12 will be online, regardless of whether they are eligible to come to school or not. They will follow their normal timetable. Children from Y7-10 or Y12 who are in school will be allocated a work space for the week. This will not be in their normal classrooms and they will not be with their normal subject teacher. 
  • All students who are on site (Y7-13) are expected to wear school uniform. All school standards and expectations will still apply. 
  • All students in Y7-10 and Y12 who are eligible to come to school and for whom school is the safer place to be, should report to Hollinshead Hall on arrival and they will be allocated a work space. 
  • If your child is entitled to a free school meal, but is not in school, please contact your child’s Head of College at least one day in advance to inform us that they require a packed lunch. They can collect a packed lunch from reception between 12:05-1:05 
  • If your child is in Y7-10 and/or in Y12, and can stay at home, they should. 
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