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Form Time Spelling

Form time spelling now takes place with Years 7,8 and 9 once a week.  It is loosely based on Simultaneous Oral Spelling (SOS) and uses cross curricular words to extend students’ ability to successfully access all parts of the curriculum.

Every year we invite parents to a workshop to look at different approaches to spelling including SOS and to talk parents through how we deliver spelling at Alsager School.  Please see the powerpoint presentation sheet for more information.

The spelling tests contribute to college points to foster competitive spirit amongst our students linked to having good Literacy skills.

Spelling Success

Congratulations to the top performing forms for their spelling success


Top Forms

  • Year 7  1st 7LSM   2nd 7NSA  3rd 7JBE
  • Year 8 1st 8MME  2nd 8LHA   3rd 8KSM
  • Year 9 1st 9LBO  2nd 9EDU  3rd 9LGR


Spelling Winners 1

Spelling Winners 3

Spelling Winners 2


Form tutors and students have worked really hard in learning their spellings every week and have performed so well in the weekly spelling tests that competition for the winning form has been hotly contested. Congratulations to all forms but especially to the top 3 in each year group. We look forward to see whether 7LSM, 8MME and 9LBO will be able to hand on to their status as Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 champions.