Literacy: Bedrock Learning

The limits of my vocabulary mean the limits of my world.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Bedrock Learning closes the literacy and vocabulary gap that exists between different groups of students and improves outcomes across the curriculum for all Year 7-9 students.  

The innovative, research-based digital vocabulary curriculum teaches Tier 2 vocabulary and encourages reading by engaging students in fiction and non-fiction prose, introducing words in context, and increasing cultural capital.   

The intelligent algorithms in the technology personalises the way language is taught and reinforced for each student and the self-marking activities generate data in real time to track student and class learning.    

Our Year 7-9 students access Bedrock Learning at school, home or as part of a blended learning strategy.  Every Bedrock student’s account can have a parent account linked to it. When it is set up, parents receive weekly updates with information about their child’s progress and specific words they’re learning. Parents can even try to drop new words into family conversations to help embed learning!