Alsager School

Curriculum – Year 10 and 11

Our mission statement “an achieving school, a caring community” is reflected in the curriculum which enables students to pursue and develop their talents, academic interests and skills. We are proud of our model for Year 9 – we believe it embodies our curriculum statement – enabling social mobility and providing success and challenge for all. 

Students study a broad core (compulsory) curriculum plus their first choices of option subjects. We believe that this model gives students some ownership of their curriculum and enables us to offer a diverse range of subjects, whilst maintaining the breadth of study offered by the Core curriculum.

The below applies to current year 10 and 11.

Core Curriculum:

Maths (1 x GCSE)

English Language (1 x GCSE)

English Literature (1 x GCSE)

Science – students will study all of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and will either be entered for the Combined (2 GCSEs) or Separate (3 GCSEs) qualifications.

PE (not examined)

Cooperative Learning (not examined)

RE (at least ½ a GCSE)



Students choose 4 subjects from the following list*:


Business Studies

Child Development

Computer Science

Deign and Technology: Graphic Products, Resistant Materials or Textiles








Modern Foreign Language ( 2 languages offered each year)*

*All students MUST choose at least one EBacc subject Geography, History or MFL. Most students choose to continue with 2 or more EBacc  options.

Year 10 Curriculum 2019/20

Subject Content Year 10

Year 11 Curriculum 2019/20

Subject Content Year 11