Alsager School

Higher Ability Learners – HAL

Higher Ability LearnersAs a school we aim to support our Higher Ability Learners by recognising their individual abilities and creating opportunities to add breadth, depth and pace to their learning.

We expect our HALs to set themselves a personalised target to concentrate on each term. The target is intended to deepen their understanding, extend their knowledge, share their ability, or spark their curiosity within a subject. It is not expected to be onerous or time-consuming, rather to complement their existing interest within their chosen subject. We encourage our HALs to share this target with subject teachers, form tutors and parents, to promote a dialogue about their interests and abilities.

Our Higher Ability Learners are nominated as a recognition of achievements and progress made so far. However it is not necessarily a guarantee that a pupil will remain a HAL throughout their time here, as relative ability does change over time. We would expect to see high levels of application and progress from every pupil and we review this annually.


Our definition of a HAL is:
* Ability developed to a level significantly ahead of their year group (within Alsager School) or with the potential to develop this ability
* A strong interest in pursuing learning in the subject area
* An ability and desire to work and think independently and creatively in the subject area

Spelling Bee

A few weeks ago Mr Gerrard accompanied 3 of our year 7 pupils to compete in a foreign language spelling bee at Trinity C of E School in Manchester. Pupils are asked to spell as many words as they can in a foreign language in under a minute. Not an easy feat! These pupils (left to right Amy Robinson, Hannah Kahn, Helena Cartlidge) were all top scorers in their class competitions and went on to be top three from the whole year group here at Alsager which meant they qualified for the regional finals. The performed brilliantly, were unbelievably fast and, above all, were a credit to the school! Well done girls!

Spelling bee picture 2017




This term’s HAL project:

Pupils are currently working on projects under the umbrella title of ‘Travel and our World’ to align with 2017 being Unesco’s Year of Sustainable Tourism and Development.  
HAL Project Challenge