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The links on the Alsager School E-safety page will enable parents to:

  • gain a better understanding of why their children spend so much time on the Internet or their mobile phones and the role of this technology in their lives;
  • familiarise themselves with the new multimedia technology and prohibiting or limiting the use of such technology;
  • consider the new technology as potentially harmful to their children and the cause of problems that in their youth seemed less common, such as isolation and addiction.

Important Documents and Links

Parents- e-safety website

Instagram – What are the issues?


Do you ever feel that your children know more about online technologies than you do?

You are not alone. The Internet and online technologies are an important part of children’s lives at home and school, providing great opportunities for learning, communicating, playing and creating. As we know, these technologies create huge opportunities for us all; however, they can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, and present challenges to keeping your family safe online.

It is just as important to be involved in your children’s life online, as it is offline. Just as you would ask about their friends at school or the clubs they go to, you should use this approach with the people they meet online – ask the same questions and show the same interest.

Information, advice and support can be found by visiting: and