Alsager School

Student Voice

studentvoiceAlsager School place high importance on our pupil voice and our student councils. Each form has one or two council representatives who attend college council meetings every week and then feedback to their form groups.

The student councils are led by our Student Voice Co-ordinator, who then follows up any necessary points with members of the Senior Leadership Team.


The college council rota is as below;

Monday – Dod Council

Tuesday – Lovell Council

Thursday – Moreton Council

Friday – Royce Council


The Student Councils this academic year have achieved lots of things, from holding their own fundraising events for their college charities, raising huge amounts of money for those in need to redesigning the tree stumps around school, making them more useful and eye-catching for the students.
We welcome anyone who wants to get involved with the Student Councils, bringing new and bright ideas to the meetings!