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How to Apply


We are still accepting applications from external and internal students. If you wish to have a tour of the school please contact Mrs Barton (contact details below). To apply please use
the application form below:



We have now interviewed all internal and external applicants and have finalised the options grid. Any student whose options do not fit the Options Grid have been spoken to and alternatives have been discussed. Letters have been posted to all applicants week commencing 17th April confirming their conditional place.

On Results Day students will be given the opportunity to formally enrol. Staff will also be
available to counsel and discuss options.

Admissions Policy  
Despite increasing numbers of students enrolling at Alsager Sixth Form College we have  
continued to be able to offer a place to all internal and external students who have applied  
before the beginning of term. A full copy of our admissions policy is available in Key Policies & Statements. 
To Apply
To apply to the sixth form, complete the online application form below.  
This year we expect all students to choose 3 options which they will study for 2 years. In 
some exceptional cases 4 subjects may be considered. Students are advised to choose 
subjects for which they are likely to gain the entry requirements. Click here to check the 
subject specific requirements. Students applying for the Traineeship option are not required 
to choose 3 options. 
Students who do not achieve Maths or English GCSE at grade 4 or above will need to work 
towards achieving a GCSE at 4 in that subject during their time in the Sixth Form. 
If you have any questions about the application process please see Mrs Barton in the Sixth 
Form Office, email her at or call 01270 871122. 

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