Year 8 Options

Please watch and listen to information about our option subjects, using the links below:

Art (Video)

Business Studies (Video)

Child Development (Download presentation linking to video)

Computer Science (Video)

Dance (Download presentation containing video)

D&T Graphic Products (Download presentation)

D&T Resistant Materials (Download presentation)

D&T Fashion and Textiles (Video)

Fashion and Textiles (Download presentation)

Drama (Video)

Engineering (Download presentation)

Food & Nutrition (Download presentation)

Music (Video)

PE (Video)

MFL for Dual Linguists (Video)

NB: The video/slides are the same for D&T RM , Graphics and Engineering so that students can see the differences between these subjects.

On 10th March, you will receive, by email, a form to enter your option choices – the deadline for receipt of the completed option forms is 17thMarch 2021.

If you have any questions, please email your child’s form tutor or email:

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