Alsager School

Year 7 SPIRIT Day for Y7 Royce and Dod Students

Dear Parents/Carers

Year 7 SPIRIT Day for Y7 Royce and Dod Students

Following the postponement of the SPIRIT day for our Dod and Royce college students, we can now confirm that this event will take place on Thursday, October 5th 2017. As previously advised we suggest that each student bring the following equipment:

1. A packed lunch and sufficient drinks for the day

2. Warm, full change of clothing to change into after water activities

3. Towel

4. A bin bag for wet clothes

As the day’s activities take place in or near water we suggest that student’s do not bring any valuables, e.g phones, watches etc. We also suggest that their clothing is appropriate for the day’s activities as they will be getting wet throughout the day. Old trainers are the preferred footwear, Wellington boots we have found to be unsuitable.

Students will return to school at 4:00pm so alternative arrangements will need to be made for those students that normally use the school buses.

Any questions in relation to the day please contact your child’s Head of College.

Kind regards
Alsager School