Alsager School

Year 11 Parents’ Evening – Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th February

Please use the parents’ evening appointment sheet in your child’s organiser to make effective use of the allotted 5 minutes. This should be used to make a note of any questions you might have prior to parents’ evening and/or record any comments from your child’s teachers on the night, such as revision tips or areas for your child to address in order to progress.  Your child’s teachers will not be able to comment on the process for awarding GCSE grades at parents’ evening as the final decision has not yet been made by the Government.  Once we have more information, we will communicate to you how GCSEs will be assessed.  Last year, we approached the Centre Assessed Grade process with integrity and professionalism.  Whatever the process for this year, we will work in the same manner to ensure that all our students are treated fairly.