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What is it like to be a RE student at Alsager School

What is it like to be a RE student at Alsager School

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing” Albert Einstein

We love to discuss ultimate question in RE; especially ones which don’t necessarily have a single answer. RE at Alsager School covers a variety of relevant and interesting topics ranging from ‘How Humanities has changed the world’ and studying the 6 major world religions, at key stage 3, to debating ethical issues such as crime and punishment and peace and conflict at Key Stage 4. Everything we do in RE relates to the world we live in and the community around us. Students are encouraged to develop and express their own opinions and debate ethical issues in a safe and open environment. It is important to have an understanding different faiths and beliefs and develop an ability to empathise with others, and it is amazing to watch students develop this over their time at Alsager school. 

Mrs S Skingle – Head of RE

What our students say about RE:

What does it mean to be a RE student at Alsager School?

“Being a GCSE RE student at Alsager school makes you realise that you don’t need to be religious to have an interest in RE. RE is our favourite subject because it helps you in other subjects like history and English and how to structure exam questions. We always start the RE lesson with a keyword, this helps everyone understand what the lesson will be about. In order to be an RE student at Alsager school you need respect for other religions and what they do. RE is not just religion! Further in the course you also study Relationships, Crime and Punishment which gives you the chance to study the other sides of RE”.

What skills have you gained from studying RE?

“In RE we both feel like we can be ourselves. RE is a chance to relax and still learn but in a calmer environment. It also improves your communication skills with others. Spiritually you feel like someone is there, and helps you through all your worries and problems. At Alsager school, we are lucky because we have RE teachers that make lessons fun but make sure you have a good understanding of the work. RE also makes us feel more organised with our school work. We also feel like we have been kinder to others since the start of the course!”

Have your GCSE RE lessons helped you to understand the wider world?

“Yes, it makes you understand that there is more to the world than just countries and people. There are many different religions across the whole world and we have learnt that you shouldn’t stereotype other people’s religions based on what they look like or where they come from.”

How have you been challenged in your GCSE lessons?

“We are challenged every lesson for deeper understanding of cultures, religions and looking at different perspectives. We are always challenged to look at what we believe as well as what others believe and that is what makes RE such a great lesson, we not only learn about religion but also from religion too. An example of this is studying Christian practices and looking at street pastors, even though I am not a Christian it is so inspiring to see Christians who operate on a Friday/Saturday night and look after people in need. It makes me want to help people and be a better person too.”

What do you enjoy most about GCSE RE?

“There are so many reasons I love GCSE RE. The enthusiasm of the teachers really inspires the class and we get to interact with things like artefacts which really bring religion to life, this year we got to look at real holy water from Lourdes, handle rosary beads and we always watch the best clips for example the alpha courses ran in prisons, you do not realise until you have studied RE the real impact religion has on society and the world. In RE debating is also encouraged which is so much fun, we always feel safe to ask questions. I also really enjoy our book work, there is an extremely high standard and everyone in our class can say that our RE books are the best in the school, I can’t wait to use mine for revision.” 

What do you know now that you did not know before you studied GCSE RE?

“Over 1/3 of the world identify as Christian and almost 80% of the world holds some sort of faith. At first I was surprised by this but then the more we have learnt, I can see how religion affects everyone’s life and religion is all around us. It definitely doesn’t matter if you are religious or not, we all have something to learn from it and that is that makes RE different to any other subject, your views always better and there is no such thing as a wrong question to ask.”