Alsager School

Wellbeing Training


The Wellbeing Ambassadors attended training in January and spent half a day with a specialist trainer and 50 other students from across school. They have since developed along with Mrs Preston and Mrs Broad training for Form Tutors around Mental Health. The ambassadors delivered this training and Tutors have now delivered it to all students in school. The aim is to raise awareness for students around ‘Its OK not to feel OK’


It's Ok not to feel ok


Understanding Mental Health:

  • Some people can become unwell physically and mentally.
  • It helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.
  • We can look after our mental health as we can look after our physical health.
  • We all have mental health as we all have physical health and that can be good or bad.


Please download the document below to see the Wellbeing Presentation