Alsager School

Wellbeing Ambassadors


We have five Wellbeing Ambassadors in school who are all in year 9.  They took up the post in January and have so far worked hard on introducing ‘Wellbeing’ and supporting mental health with students in school.  Although they are leading on Mental Health in school they chose the name of Wellbeing Ambassadors as they wanted to promote that mental health can be both good and bad.

Meet our Well Being Ambassadors:

George Hart, Manon Li, Billy O’Neill, Roan Prigmore, Ava Richards.

Well Being Ambassadors

Role of an Ambassador:

  • Support people in school who experience mental ill health
  • Remove the stigma by getting people talking about mental health and sharing their experiences
  • Raising awareness of mental health problems
  • Organise specific events & celebrate mental health awareness days
  • Promote positive mental health in our school
  • Signpost students to access support in our school
  • Share good news stories