Alsager School

US Exchange

Over the weekend of 17th–20th February we hosted 23 students from schools in New Hampshire and Vermont as part of an exchange programme we run with these schools.

They had an amazing programme of visits while in the UK packing in as much as possible. The students and staff were hosted by students and staff from here at Alsager, they all had a great time and lasting friendships were made.

One host Logan Ball said: “Welcoming a US exchange student into our home was an enjoyable and memorable experience. Having Jason stay with us for a few nights and a full day really let us get to know him and the similarities and differences that his and our lives had. We were able to show him some local attractions that we all enjoyed including visiting flip out, Mow Cop, a day in Blackpool and a local fire station (Jason has an interest in this in the US). Overall, we would recommend hosting an exchange student to anyone that can as it’s a new experience that no one would forget filled will fun laughter and making new friends”.

We are planning our visit to the USA in October 2018 and details will be available during May or June this year.