Alsager School

Uniform Policy

Dear Parents / Carers

We would like your continued support in maintaining our high standards at Alsager School.  This week members of the Senior Leadership Team will visit all students to check that uniform is in line with our policy.  Our policy can be found on our website, in your child’s organiser and by following this link.  Should there be an issue with their uniform we will put a note in their organiser letting you know so that between now and the 27th February, when we return from half term, you have plenty of time to rectify the issue.

Issues that are particularly causing concern at the moment are girls wearing too much make up, false nails, hoodies instead of coats and boys with ‘extreme’ haircuts (often shaved at the sides and then long on top).

As part of our commitment to maintaining standards at Alsager School we would like your support in a scheme that we are launching immediately after half term using ‘ Alsager Standards Cards’.  Students will receive a card that they will keep on their person at all times.  Should students contravene these standards, they will receive a signature on their card.  Should a student receive 5 signatures they will be issued with a lunch time detention.

We know how important our high standards are to you and our school and we thank you in advance for your continued support.

Best wishes

Richard Middlebrook