Alsager School

Sixth Form Easter Trip to Berlin

72 hours awake, 6 sausages eaten, 5 major tourist attractions visited, 2 portions of chocolate mousse and endless science. Berlin was absolutely incredible; experiments, culture and loads of music all in one big 4-day-long parcel. We walked for what seemed to be hundreds of miles, desperately trying to take in all of the sights and sound. Mr Pennance was our expert guide around the streets and subways of a really stimulating city. The days were always busy, filled with 18 hours (18 hours!) of activities using masses of ice cream to try and keep us going through ‘The Berlin 18 Hour Syndrome’.

But despite the long days, the trip felt like it passed far too quickly. In such a short period of time an eternity of memories were made; we were given the opportunity to explore incredible scientific discoveries and look in to Germany’s rich history through each other’s knowledge along the way. Outside of the museums and the artefacts was an unforgettable group of people to experience the trip with, without such fantastic company (and of course the conversation and games they brought with them) the journey could never have been as memorable.

Overall, the Berlin trip was an amazing experience made unforgettable by the city, students and teachers that all came together to provide great memories. We cannot thank the staff enough for not only the A grade banter but also for your care and trust over the four days- without you the trip would never have been possible.

Quote of the trip: “Is the Berlin Wall real?”

Report from year 12 student, Cicely Hughes: